Terms of payment

To increase readership Editorial Board publishes articles free of scientists Hirsch index more than 20.

Author's fee (Open Access Fee)

When publishing articles in open access the author's fee(Open Access Fee) is charged , it compensates edition costs, since the access to the article is absolutely free of charge for all interested in these materials persons. Authors pay the author's contribution independently or by grants, affiliated organizations etc.

Only after passing the review procedure and a positive decision of the editorial board of acceptance the manuscript for publication is a payment of author's fees is carried out. Publishing house warrants an objective scientific review of all materials. Articles are published in the order of priority.

Publication in open acces is carried out according to the model of Gold Open Access, ie the article is available to readers on journal's website, without any financial and technical constraints.


The cost of publishing 1 page of article200 
The cost of printed certificate (without delivery)free
Reviewing of the author's manuscriptfree
The cost of the printed collection (without delivery)600 
The cost of number DOI assignment to the articlefree
The cost of electronic certificatefree
The cost of the electronic collectionfree

Shipment cost depends on the chosen method of delivery. We can offer you a delivery by Russian post, as well as by courier services: DPD, SPSR, CDEK.