About the journal

The journal is looking for scientists and researchers of Russian regions and countries of the near and far abroad in order to ensure the implementation of scientific achievements and advanced experience in the practice introduction in the mass, as well as the development of innovative potential of a person. The journal is an independent platform for the research results validation of scientists and practitioners.

Research results, general theoretical reviews, methodical and other materials of scientific, educational, cultural and educational character of individual authors and groups of authors in Russian or English are accepted for publication.

All the articles published in the journal go through independent and editorial peer-reviewing.

The journal has an editorial board.

Aims and scope

The mission of the journal is to provide an opportunity for authors to familiarize a wide range of professionals with their ideas, and for readers to be aware of current issues of studying, preserving and developing ethnic cultures in the modern world.

"Ethnic Culture" is an interdisciplinary scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal that presents the results of studies in the field of ethnic processes and phenomena. The journal publishes articles and debates on a wide range of issues related to methodological approaches to the study of ethnic cultures and their role in the history of human civilization; various aspects of crosslinguistic and intercultural communication; issues of cultural traditions preservation in the context of globalization and the transfer of ethnocultural experience to future generations.

Main tasks

  • a reflection of the results of scientific-research, research-to-practice and experimental activities of domestic and foreign scientists in various fields of science in order to intensify scientific cooperation and cooperation within the scope of scientific community as well as among professional researchers and a wide range of readers;
  • research approbation of graduate students and applicants;
  • promotion of major achievements of both domestic and foreign science;
  • promotion of relevant information about the state of modern science, the dissemination of innovation and best practices and research techniques;
  • provision of а "platform" for discussion, exchange of views on topical issues of scientific research conducted in the country and in the world;
  • academic community consolidation;
  • exchange of experience, development of professional relations and scientific cooperative interaction.

Journal plans

  • increase of the part of publications of leading foreign researchers on problems interesting to their Russian colleagues;
  • inclusion in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission, in connection with which the journal is published in compliance with all the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission.