Instructions for authors

The procedure of applying for a publication

1. To publish your article in the scientific journal you should send an electronic version of the paper to the editors by completing the form "Online Submissions". Material of the work in terms of its content must comply with the directions of the journal and Submission requirements.

2. When filling the form "Online Submissions", the author needs to read and accept the terms of the offer contract.

3. All the authorial materials received by the editorial board are recorded. Each application is assigned a unique registration number, which is send by e-mail to the address provided as a contact address.

4. After the publication of the article the composition of the authors and their order are not subject to any change, i.e., addition, deleting and permutation are rearrangement.

5. The articles are published in the order of arrival upon processing of the applications submitted.

6. Withdrawal of already published articles is carried by the editorial board in case of revealing of the facts of fabrication or falsification of data and plagiarism. The authors, readers, reviewers or editors can also initiate the removal of the article by addressing the editorial board of the journal in written form.

Publication criteria

1. The manuscript submitted to the editorial board must be complete and copyread, contain reliable information concerning the results of the study, be notable for in scientific novelty, possess theoretical and practical importance. The text must include grounded conclusions and do not require modifications.

2. It is not allowed to publish the works which are contrary to the art. 4 of the Law of Russian Federation from 27.12.1991 №2124-1 (ed. in 14.07.2022) "On Mass Media".

3. Accepting of the materials occurs in strict compliance with Journal's policy. Original high-quality scientific papers are accepted for publication. All the articles are checked for plagiarism by "AntiPlagiat" system. The originality of the text proposed for publication in the journal must be at least 75%.

You can use the text of certain passages of other authors’ articles (in Russian, English or other languages), but it is mandatory to enclose such passages as citations with the links to the source or obtain the permission of the previous publisher or copyright owner.

4. The articles failed to meet the publication criteria are not considered. In case of an application rejection the author is sent a reasoned refusal. In case of identifying plagiarism in the process of reviewing, the author, the relevant institution and the sponsoring organization (if any) will be sent a notification of publication refusal for the reason stated above.

Reviewing order

1. The publication reviews all materials submitted to the editorial office that correspond to its subject matter, with the aim of their expert evaluation in accordance with the reviewing regulations. All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have had publications on the subject of the reviewed article for the last 3 years. The reviews are kept in the publishing house and in the editorial office of the publication for 5 years.

2. The editorial board of the publication sends copies of licenses or a reasoned refusal to the authors of the submitted materials, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation when the corresponding request is received by the editorial office of the publication.


Materials published in journal are freely available and posted on the website in accordance with the Journal policy.

2. Works that have never been published are considered for publication. The authors submit original works without plagiarism, having no parallel publication elsewhere. When applying for publication the authors automatically confirm that they have the copyright on published material, including text of the article and paintings, drawings, photographs and spreadsheets placed in it.

3. After the manuscript’s publication in the journal the use of the article materials is available under the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

License Creative Commons

4. Accepting the terms of the offer agreement, the author conveys the editors the right to use any materials of the article by any way not inconsistent with the law while maintaining its authorship in accordance with para. 2 art. 1270 of CC of РF.