Journal "Ethnic culture" Vol 3, No 2

Ethnic Culture
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Ethnic Culture
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About the Journal

Materials, published in this journal, will be placed article by article on site of a scientific electronical library , this is one of the largest Russian Electronic Libraries of scientific publications, which has great opportunities to search and obtain information.


  • 1. Methodological Questions for Studying Ethnic Processes
  • 2. Problems of Ethnic Cultures Preservation
  • 3. Ethnic and Ethno-Cultural Processes in Modern Society
  • 4. History and Theory of Art Questions
  • 5. Problems of Crosslinguistic and Intercultural Communication
  • 6. Modern Sociocultural Processes
  • 7. History, Theory and Practice of Ethno-cultural Education
  • 8. Ethno-Cultural and Socio-Cultural Problems of Education
  • 9. Debating Club: Forecasts, Ideas and Innovations

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