Journal "Ethnic culture" No 2 (3)

DOI: 10.31483/a-160
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Ethnic Culture
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About the Journal

"Ethnic Culture" is an interdisciplinary scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal that presents the results of studies in the field of ethnic processes and phenomena. The journal publishes articles and debates on a wide range of issues related to methodological approaches to the study of ethnic cultures and their role in the history of human civilization; various aspects of crosslinguistic and intercultural communication; issues of cultural traditions preservation in the context of globalization and the transfer of ethnocultural experience to future generations.

The mission of the journal is to provide an opportunity for authors to familiarize a wide range of professionals with their ideas, and for readers to be aware of current issues of studying, preserving and developing ethnic cultures in the modern world.

Materials, published in this journal, will be placed article by article on site of a scientific electronical library , this is one of the largest Russian Electronic Libraries of scientific publications, which has great opportunities to search and obtain information.


  • 1. Problems of Ethnic Cultures Preservation
  • 2. History and Theory of Art Questions
  • 3. Problems of Crosslinguistic and Intercultural Communication
  • 4. Methodological Questions for Studying Ethnic Processes
  • 5. History, Theory and Practice of Ethno-cultural Education
  • 6. Modern Sociocultural Processes
  • 7. Debating Club: Forecasts, Ideas and Innovations
  • 8. Ethno-Cultural and Socio-Cultural Problems of Education